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Collection originale de couches lavables

Un choix éco-responsable


Allo!!  les parents,

Offrez le meilleur à votre bébé tout en préservant la planète !

Nos kits de couches lavables ultra-douces et hypoallergéniques ont tout ce qu’il faut pour prendre soin de votre bébé en toute sérénité.


Finis les achats répétitifs de couches jetables et les produits chimiques nocifs ! Rejoignez la communauté de parents responsables en optant pour nos couches lavables.


Commandez dès maintenant et agissez concrètement pour l’environnement !

Un choix éco-responsable
Mother and Baby on Floor
Un choix éco-responsable

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Un choix éco-responsable
  • Why buy a washable diaper  ?
    From birth to potty training a child uses a ton of waste that a budget between $1500 and $2500 per child for disposable diapers. Disposable diapers have a composition of chemicals, endocrine disruptors present in most children's hygiene products. Versus the washable diaper whose composition is natural, organic and economical. In addition, they can be used by several children. We offer several kits depending on budgets in addition to offering payment flexibility over 4 months without interest.
  • How many layers do I need?
    it's very simple because it depends on you, your routine, the frequency of washing you want. On average, it is recommended to have 20 diapers to be in the routine of 2 to 3 washes (Above all, never exceed more than 3 days without washing the diapers)< /p> We have several kits that we recommend on our site, the Complete Kit with 2 layers more than elsewhere, i.e. 22 layers in all, and the Complete Kit plus >for parents whose childcare services accept washable diapers, i.e. 8 more diapers which will be the stock of the daycare.
  • Why am I leaking ?
    There can be several causes for the leaks: 1- If you have just started with washable diapers, give yourself a time of 10 washes before because the new inserts are not yet at their maximum absorption capacity. 2- The adjustment of the diaper, it happens that the parents tighten too much or too often loose the diapers at the level of the size which cause leaks located in the stomach and the back. By removing pressure on one side the problem will be solved when it is tightened and putting a finger around the diaper to see if the child is a leash can also help. 3- The PUL can crack and nothing can be done, this is not frequent, rare. 4- For little boys, leaks are frequent in front, so make sure that your child's penis is pointing downwards and finally direct the jet downwards, also add another insert if necessary. 5-The well-placed slips should not protrude from the layer so that the liquid does not come out of the layer 6- You may have leaks at the level of the thighs which is due to the insert which absorbs less due to clogging then it is necessary to clean it.
  • How do I clean my insert?
    If your insert is dirty, it can smell bad even clean There are methods to crush but first things the diapers must be clean: Without product: your diapers in the machine for a long cycle at 60° without detergent, nothing then dry as usual. With Product: Fill a basin with hot water, add 2 tbsp of percarbonate of soda and baking soda each, after we place our diapers and inserts in the basin. Mix with, for example, a wooden spoon and leave for 6 hours. We do a machine wash after 6 hours without detergent of our nappies and inserts at 60°C. Normal drying as usual.
  • When to do the degreasing
    We advise our customers to clean every 3 months. Do you know the glass of water test to determine if your diaper is dirty or not? First the test is done on a clean diaper. 1- A glass of water, and pour gently in the middle of the diaper, i.e. the absorbent part 2- There is water escaping so your diaper no longer absorbs, clean it 3- Everything is fine, you don't see anything so no need to clean it up.
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